Long time no see! Sorry that I completely disappeared off the face of the earth... I just wasn't entirely sure what to say when I decided to stop blogging (or if I wanted to say anything at all) and I wasn't completely sure if it would be a permanent decision. But now that a few months have passed and I've had lots of time to think about it, I have decided to stop blogging here. There's always a sliver of a chance I could change my mind at some point, but I'm pretty positive I won't be returning.

I really want to concentrate on my artwork and projects instead. I've always wanted to be an artist first & foremost, and for the last couple of years I've let that take a backseat to blogging. While my etsy shops have still been my main source of income, most of my time was actually spent on blogging and social networking, not drawing and painting. And while that was fine at the beginning, I just didn't enjoy it anymore. I know that there are a lot of really sweet people out there who genuinely like me, but the more I blogged and instagrammed, the more I felt like a commodity or a person who was just serving as a model for things you might want to buy. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn't want to share my personal style anymore. It had become a hindrance to sharing things I actually cared about. (That's not to say I don't care about my style, because I obviously do, it just isn't as important to me as my artwork, books, movies, animals, etc.) And, strangely, it also became a hindrance to feeling like a human being. I'm not sure what it is about fashion that makes other people see you as a thing instead of a person, but that seems to be prevalent in this pocket of the internet.

Anyway, all that being said, I really do appreciate all of the support that I've had here over the years. I've received so many sweet emails from girls who said that my blog helped them to find their own style, or to find the courage to wear something different. As someone who personally struggled with style and self confidence for all of my teens and most of my twenties, that really means the world to me. Style blogging may be behind me now, but the sense of community I felt, the friendships I made, and the opportunities I was given will stay with me forever.

If you're still interested in my artwork, projects, peeks into my office... basically scathingly brilliant without my face and outfits all over the place, then I'm still blogging on my portfolio blog, here, and I've started a new instagram account for my artwork, here.

Thank you again for your support and hopefully I'll still see you around! :)